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About us

Buying a car privately? 

SAVE $$$

We will try to LOWER the appraised value to



Don't pay Black Book value Taxes SAVE $$$

We offer certified vehicle appraisals for any type of vehicle, whether is your car, truck, motor-cycle, bus, or RV (Anything with a Motor). Any model or any year. We give you a legal document which puts a value on your vehicle.


-An Appraisal Saves you Money on HST TAX when transferring ownership's of a vehicle


-Will save you money on HST TAX cost when exporting and importing a vehicle


-OSAP student loans approved


-Helpful for Divorce, declaring Bankruptcy and Estate Settlements


-Receive more money on insurance claims compared to what the insurance company offers. Also approved by all insurance company's


-Helpful with antique or classic vehicles needed for insurance or otherwise to protect your investment 

Family owned business since 1979. Our main priority is to make sure that you leave us, confident, and with a smile on your face. Visit us today! 

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