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-Picture of Ownership
-Picture of Safety or Current Kilometres 
-Name of New Buyer
-Photos of Vehicle
Photos would include any damage which could effect the value of the vehicle. Even previous accidents. If vehicle has mechanical issues, please state the issues with any proof you may have. (Engine light, Receipts for repairs etc.)

Please include your phone number and your approximate value of the vehicle

Send information listed above to :

Please call 416-335-5666 after emailing the information and we will get back to you quickly and have the Appraisal out to you within 20 minutes
Only payments by E-Transfer will be accepted

Customer Care

All appraisals are fully guaranteed to be timely and correct. Any mistakes or errors on our part, we will fix and re-send right away at no charge. If you make a mistake on the form or put wrong information on the form, we will re-do the form and in most cases there are no additional charges for minor changes. However, we may charge a nominal fee for change requests or names, or dates etc after 5 days have passed. 


Price Match Policy

* We will match any active registered dealer or appraiser who is offering a lower price at our discretion. Must be offering similar service - Online appraisal vs pickup vs mobile only etc. 

Matching our online service within our delivery time frame and convenience to anyone who can come to you in the same time and price may also qualify. Please call for details. 

Terms & Conditions



Our online and in person service valuation are largely based on your detailed description and / or the amount you stated you paid for your motor vehicle. By filling out our online form, or providing us verbal information, you certify that the description and amount you provided is accurate and truthful with respects to your purchase. We will base our appraisal on this value. We may, from time to time, request pictures and receipts to compliment the information entered. We cannot be liable or responsible for false information entered on this form. Every person who knowingly makes a false or deceptive statement herein is guilty of an offence and is liable on conviction to a fine, or term of imprisonment, or both (Retail Sales Tax Act, Subsections 32(4) and 32 (4.1) From time to time, the Ministry of Finance has been known to send correspondence to the sellers requesting receipts, copies of cheques and other pertaining information to back up your claim. This is why it is important to be truthful when providing us information about your vehicle.  

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